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Exploring History and Reflections at Waldfriedhof: A Photographic Excursion

Last Sunday, November 12th, marked another captivating journey with Fotogroep Tegenlicht in the scenic surroundings of Aachen. Our lens focused on Waldfriedhof, a cemetery nestled in Aachener Wald, adorned with graves from the First World War. Against the backdrop of autumn's vibrant hues, the ferns adorning the rows of fallen soldiers' graves painted a stunning tapestry.

Despite the recent rainy days, sunlight graced our expedition, enhancing the vivid colors. Engaging with a local, a true Aachen resident, we delved into the cemetery's history. His perspective on current global conflicts added depth to our reflections.

As we exited, I captured a poignant moment—a reflection in a rain puddle, featuring an elderly couple. With subdued colors and added grain, the photo encapsulates the atmosphere. It's a subtle nod to the ephemeral beauty and historical layers discovered in the heart of Aachen's woods.

Join me in this visual journey, where each frame narrates stories etched in time. Explore the photo in question, a testament to the artistry of fleeting moments. #AachenExploration #PhotographyAdventure

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