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A GLOWing Night with Tegenlicht

Last Thursday, November 16th, marked an enchanting excursion as Tegenlicht ventured to Eindhoven for the annual GLOW Light Festival. Despite an unexpected train disruption, our quartet navigated our way to the luminous spectacle. After a car journey, we found ourselves just a kilometer away from GLOW's radiant path.

Amidst the luminous wonders, we agreed to rendezvous at the Stadsbrouwerij by 10:30 PM—a tradition for concluding our GLOW experiences over local brewed delights. The vibrant crowd initially dispersed us, but the Stadsbrouwerij proved its reliability as a meeting point.

The GLOW route, akin to pre-pandemic times, unfolded in a spectacular display of light, sound, and color. My lens primarily focused on the surroundings of the acts, capturing the dynamic interaction between the audience and the installations. Experimenting with extended exposures, without tripod but with a hint of flash, rendered foreground elements frozen against a vibrant, often blurred backdrop.

A notable photograph from Op de Heuvel captures silhouettes at the end of a corridor. Suspended from the ceiling, leaf-shaped ornaments radiate captivating green and blue hues. This image encapsulates the fusion of human presence and illuminated artistry, a moment frozen in time.

GLOW 2023 was not just a festival of lights; it was an exploration of shared experiences and artistic experiments. Until the next radiant escapade, cheers to the luminous memories etched in pixels and shared in laughter!

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